Christian Manning Up

This article takes the cake for being the best example of a “man up” shaming lecture. What makes it so is not the usual talking points, but that it is Christian–proof that the feminism in Christianity cuts deep and if Christians can’t even figure out what is so very wrong about the tone and motivations of the article, there is no hope for their secular counterparts. The problem universally in our culture is with men and Christians and non-Christians continue to make this very clear.

Christian women are pleading: “Please speak to the men in our generation and tell them to be men.” Sound familiar? I suppose the difference with the Christian women in general (not all) is they have to get a male author or anyone other than their ‘oh so meek, feminine self’ to do the legwork for them. Christian women have no issue with taking action in their lives (such as college and careers), but when it comes to what they want in relationships they retreat to demure, helpless wall flowers who need a man who is man enough to tell other men to “man up”. They can’t take their dating life by the horns with the same fervor they took their college education.

Christian men are no doubt asking for women to be women as well. To demonstrate their desire to be women, not by rushing off to careers and taking on manly endeavors, but by being wives, mothers, and helpmates first and foremost.Women who take on manly endeavors and characteristics should not be surprised if men are taking on typically female characteristics, like being less “ambitious”.

“Go to almost any church and you’ll meet mature, intelligent, attractive Christian women who want to get married and virtually no men to pursue them.”

Really? I know commenters experiences and my own experiences will beg to differ. It took me awhile to find a church where the young women were not in mini-skirts, with bra straps showing, and texting away on their cell phones. It took me awhile to find a women’s bible study where gossiping and men bashing did not occur regularly. The women in theses churches and groups were not even close to thinking about marrying, but about college, grad schools, and “fun” dating until they were established. They certainly met worldly standards of maturity and intelligence, but were lacking in more Christian attributes of humility and wisdom.

Men do not think they need to pursue because Christian women have proven they do not have an issue biblically or otherwise to pursue something if they really, really want it. So, why is it different with men? They pursue with a passion careers, jobs, college, and even pastoral leadership, but when it comes to their dating life, they still have the old-fashioned notion that men are to do the pursuing. It just doesn’t add up and women can’t have it both ways. Either you are a pursuer and take on college, career, men, and all your dreams or you meekly and quietly submit to the plans of the Lord and learn to be content in whether you go to college or not or whether a man pursues you or not. There is an attitude of submission that still survives the modern church, but only when it comes to being pursued in dating. Before dating and I suspect after dating, in marriage, a modern Christian woman’s attitude reverts back to pursuer/conqueror/leader. It is just this narrow gap in a modern young woman’s life where she gets nostalgic for the old-fashioned values of being pursued. In short, men receive a mixed message from a woman who is ambitious in all other matters except her dating life.

“These women are often in graduate programs and may have started a career already. But they aren’t feminists. They are eager to embrace the roles of wife and mother. Most of the women I’ve met don’t object to the being a helpmate. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of mates to go around.”

Indeed, they have no problem getting serious about college and careers, but when it comes to getting married, they expect to just roll over and let the men come do all the work and shame them when they don’t. It may be one thing if we lived back in a pre-feminist era when women did not pursue college and careers, when men truly were expected to do the pursuing and courting, but modern Christian women can’t have it both ways. You can’t insist on being an independent career woman and take on the values of the modern world yet also shiver into an 1800 timid, Christian girl when it comes to dating. He insists these women are not feminists, but as my readers know there are also sheep that insist they are not wolves. A career woman with a cross around her neck does not negate her feminist choices. If women were truly eager to embrace wife and mother roles, they would have been serious about it at a young age, more serious than they were about their graduate program. Wife and motherhood should not be an afterthought if it is a priority. There are certainly mates to go around, just not good enough or man enough mates, in other words, mates they don’t want to help.

“First, the Christian men that are “good guys” could use a little–what’s the word I’m looking for–ambition. Every pastor has railed on video games at some point. But the problem is not really video games, it’s what gaming can (but doesn’t always) represent. It’s the picture of a 20something or 30something guy who doesn’t seem to want anything out of life. He may or may not have a job. He may or may not live with his parents. Those things are sometimes out of our control. There’s a difference between a down-on-his-luck fella charging hard to make something out of himself and a guy who seems content to watch movies, make enough to eat frozen pizzas in a one room apartment, play Madden, watch football 12 hours on Saturday, show up at church for an hour on Sunday and then go home to watch more football.”

There really is no sympathy here for the man who really is down on his luck, for the man who is struggling for identity in a struggling economy, which I believe makes up the majority of these alleged unambitious men. I wonder what would be the advice to a Christian woman who is dating or wants to date a young man who is going through a tough time. Is it “avoid them like the plaque” until you find Mr. Perfect (who can then later loose it all or his job in an instant) or can a lesson be learned that if you want to be a “helpmate” in marriage it may involve helping your mate in a “down-on-his-luck” situation.

“I don’t think young women are expecting Mr. Right to be a corporate executive with two houses, three cars, and a personality like Dale Carnegie. They just want a guy with some substance. A guy with plans. A guy with some intellectual depth. A guy who can winsomely take initiative and lead a conversation. A guy with consistency. A guy who no longer works at his play and plays with his faith. A guy with a little desire to succeed in life. A guy they can imagine providing for a family, praying with the kids at bedtime, mowing the lawn on Saturday, and being eager to take everyone to church on Sunday. Where are the dudes that will grow into men?”

I like how he suggests women don’t have such high standards as to expect an executive and three cars, but then goes on with a laundry list of items that women are to expect. His list may seem like more virtuous or Christian qualities than desiring an alpha with three cars, but the desires for perfection are the same. “Some substance” turns out to be a lot of substance and I have to wonder what happens to a man if he fails in any of these ways. If he fails to “lead a conversation”, to have the right level of “intellectual depth”, to “pray with the kids” and especially if he “fails to provide”, what will happen to those men, who cannot meet or sometimes come in short with Christian women expectations? Are young women equipped to deal with a less than perfect man or will they shame him or divorce him when he isn’t? Note it may not even be enough to take the family to church on Sunday, but he must also be “eager” in doing so.

“Men, you don’t have to be rich and you don’t have to climb corporate ladders. You don’t have to fix cars and grow a beard. But it’s time to take a little initiative–in the church, with your career, and with women. Stop circling around and start going somewhere. It’s probably a good idea to be more like your grandpa and less like Captain Jack Sparrow. Even less like Peter Pan. Show some godly ambition. Take some risks. Stop looking for play dates and–unless God is calling you to greater service through singleness–start looking for a wife.”

Yes, men, take initiative in a feminized church, in a feminized work place, and with less than feminized women!* “Circling around” sounds a lot like the secular article that says men are “thrashing around”. Aw, and cue the “Peter Pan” line. “Godly ambition” may come if women start to show “godly submission”, but as long as Christian women are out chasing worldly pursuits, pursuing degrees and fancy careers, there leaves little room for men to show ambition as the women are doing it for them.


44 thoughts on “Christian Manning Up

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  2. Somebody, I forget who, recently posted a ‘Woman Up!’ response to all those ‘Christian’-fembots crying ‘Man Up!’; basically, if women want men to marry them, they’d better actually be marriageable, good catches…

  3. Women choose to pursue college and career because we HAVE to. Because of feminism, we HAVE to find a way to support ourselves in the “in-between” time. As you point out, in this economy it is unlikely a young man will be able to provide for a family in this economic state and our Fathers for the most part don’t want to provide for an idle daughter doing nothing to make herself able in case her prince does not, in fact, arrive anytime soon.

    You do have some good ideas here but seem at times to lack an understanding of the situation for women who have become trapped by the current situation just as much as men have been. We are in this cultural situation together: the longer we continue to place blame on each other rather than looking to ourselves to be ‘real men’ and ‘real women’ respectively, the longer we will stay trapped. As a woman, I try to teach other women what I have learned from this mess. I don’t sit around blaming men all day for the situation. Sitting around blaming women or focusing on why men can’t do what they should because women aren’t doing what they should…limits men and is equally unproductive.

  4. If more women said to their fathers that they didn’t want to spend their most fertile years pursuing higher education and slutting around like the rest of the ‘hos, and would rather stay at home and contribute to the family life there, as well as learning the valuable skills they’d need to become good wives and mothers, I should think their fathers might be surprised but also delighted, as would their mothers, and would respond positively.

    Women do not HAVE to pursue college and careers; they CHOOSE to. It is a choice; one that has been disastrous in the main, for our civilization. But in a free country, they have choices. Few parents, surely, would boot such daughters who choose more wisely, out of their homes; not if they truly love them and care about them.

  5. Christian Fathers perhaps. It would be interesting to find out what people’s experiences have been who said such things. At what point (age 25?30?35?40?) would a single daughter be told it was a no go to stay at home and contribute? I wonder…

  6. Of course I’m thinking of Christian fathers, yes. The difficulty, I think, is not so much in the fathers, but in the daughters; how many would be willing to forego college in favour of learning homemaking skills?

    We can say we oppose the evils of misandry and feminism, but unless we’re willing to forego the ostensible benefits that feminism has ‘won’, for women, our supposed opposition is more symbolic than real, if it really is opposition. Claiming the ‘benefits’, while decrying the ideology that gave rise to them, is absurd.

    Those who truly are conservative and traditionalist, need to put their money (and time) where their mouth is. Else they’re useless, like salt that has lost its savour – and what is that fit for, except to be trampled underfoot…

  7. Thanks Will. I think you have a valid point that many would not want to give up the apparent benefit of an education and in choosing the benefits of feminism forgo the benefits of an alternative lifestyle.

    At the same time, I wonder if homemaking skills and being educated or working for a short time are necessarily mutually exclusive?

    I also wonder if the idea of dropping the benefits of feminism is possible for those raised in non-Christian homes, when one considers that while we may forgo a benefit of feminism with our choices, we cannot often also choose to forgo the very real consequences of feminism:

    For example, a woman with an un-supportive or absent or disabled or or ill or non-Christian or non-traditional father/family would have a logical need to work to support herself… which might logically necessitate an education or make it practical financially to have some training.

    Could not pursuing an education, rather than working full time, not be a means to enhance a woman’s family life down the road? e.g. a degree in music, nursing, food science, even my own specialty Physical Education, or even hairstyling… be very helpful in raising children? No doubt an education background might benefit a family choosing home schooling? In such cases… perhaps education is not the worst evil a woman facing the consequences of feminism could pursue?

    What about choosing the real-life educational experience of working in missions or child-care? Is that an acceptable alternative? What types of work do, and do not, contribute to a woman’s capability to make a good home?

    I’m not advocating that a young woman who wants a family and has supportive family to allow her to continue to pursue a study of homemaking etc. in a real-life environment should go to school or work if that is not her ultimate goal, or that working or school would somehow be more beneficial than contributing to her own family life. Far from it.

    But for some women with a desire for family and homemaking, who do not have a traditionalist or Christian, supportive family landscape education or work may be means which God uses to prepare them for the life they actually desire in His timing. Can I put God in a box and say he cannot teach me the skills of being a wife and raising children on the mission field in India, or working and training as a birthing coach, or teaching children in a classroom setting? I’m not sure.

    I’d be intersted in your thoughts.

  8. Education costs time and money; it’s all well and good to imagine hypothetical scenarios wherein pursuing an education will allow a woman who has to support herself due to absence of or inability of her parents to do so, etc., but in reality, a woman in that situation would need money right away, and so would be better off waitressing or working a cash register at a store than spending money on a higher education while not earning money for here and now.

    The bottom line, is young women pursuing higher education, are spending their most attractive, and most fertile, easiest-to-conceive, years, not in settling down with a man and starting a family, which is tragic, and devastating to our civilization.

    Young women’s priorities, even those of ostensible traditionalists, are askew.

  9. In my divorce Jennifer committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. She was a “fallen woman” having denounced her christianity soon after our son was baptised. I was still christian.

    Who did the women side with and support? The criminal fallen woman over the honest christian man.

    Christian women are LIARS AND HYPOCRITES in the main and the young men should be told this in no uncertain terms.

  10. Most Christian fathers are too hostile to a prospective suitor who is old enough to care for their young daughter, and too enthusiastic about their daughter’s educational and career prospects, to reject the feminist careerism trap.

    “Conservative” fathers end up being the bulwark of feminism. They’re the one’s in denial about their daughters’ natural tendencies until it’s too late. They’re the ones who will go along with abortion and divorce when push comes to shove. Pride is the stumbling block to doing what is right.

  11. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing college, or a career for Pete’s sake; we need female doctors, teachers, nurses, missionaries, etc. The problem comes when/if these things are put above family. In fact, most women meet their husbands ON said jobs and in said colleges. Whether there’s a problem area depends on the scenario: whether the women leave potential husbands behind, have lots of children, ot cut back on their work to help with families. One of the best solutions is working part-time instead of full-time when there’s a family.

  12. That’s rhetorical, of course; men can and do and always have been doctors, teachers and missionaries – actually there’s a need for more male nurses, since female nurses have trouble lifting / carrying the heavier patients; not sure why we need more female ones, in fact; I say we only need more male ones; every hospital should have at least one, if not more…

    But seriously, why do we need female doctors, teachers, nurses, missionaries? Can you give a good reason for your assertion that there is need of them? I’ll bet you can’t.

  13. Will S.- a woman can be a good wife and mother and still have a career. It is about what works best for that family. Maybe being a stay-at-home is what will work best. But maybe it isn’t. It is not for you to say. Also, why does a woman getting an edcuation and a job make her manly? Why would this deter a man from pursuing a woman? Being a godly woman does not mean a woman has to be a meek wallflower without talents, thoughts or ambitions. A good Christian husband should help his wife flourish & use the gifts God has given her. Not only relegate her to wifely duties. The home is the wife’s primary responbility, but it is not the only thing that defines her. And she may delegate some of the responsibilty as seems best for her family.

  14. Will – I am not saying we ‘need female doctors, teachers, nurses, missionaries’. I’m saying for a single woman who doesn’t have a supportive or Christian family to enable her homemaking efforts in her parent’s household to sit around doing nothing while waiting for a spouse is not a) realistic or b) the best preparation for marriage. Education can be a good thing for mothers to have. For example, it could be advantageous for home-schooling purposes.

    Erin – I disagree. A woman cannot be a good mother and have a good career. One or the other will suffer. I would go so far as to argue that it is less than ideal to be working and trying to be a good wife.

  15. Fair enough, OWH; I can agree with that; I just don’t think it’s an ideal for most to follow, just those in the kind of circumstances you describe. And like you, I disagree with Erin, for the same reasons.

  16. I didn’t know you replied, Will, hence my “silence”. Why? Because many women are not comfortable with men handling their private issues, especially rape victims; that’s why. Women know what it is to have women’s bodies, to bring life into the world, to struggle with female emotional issues; men do not. So no, men cannot replace women in their unique jobs, ever; that’s a damn good reason. So is the fact that in some tribes, women would be wary of speaking to male missionaries. And the simple fact that women offer unique traits based solely on the fact of being different.

    “A woman cannot be a good mother and have a good career”

    That depends on the career and the children. I’m glad every woman out there does not agree with you.

  17. “Women know what it is to have women’s bodies, to bring life into the world, to struggle with female emotional issues; men do not.”

    You’re boring me with feminist cliches and cant, Ms. Corry. Not every woman has given birth; ergo, only mothers should be nurses, by your ‘logic’?

    Sheesh. And any guy who’s ever dated a girl has struggled with female emotional issues, believe me. Or tussled with an OCD-suffering, freejinger-type who reopens months-old dead threads, instead of letting sleeping dogs lie. 🙂

    Women don’t know what it’s like to have male bodies, either; does that make them any less good at being nurses? Should we thus only have male nurses for male patients, and female nurses for female patients?


  18. It’s not remotely absurd, it’s simple fact.

    “Not every woman has given birth; ergo, only mothers should be nurses, by your ‘logic’?”

    I never said only women should be nurses, but we certainly need them for many personal reasons. Only women know what it’s like to have a woman’s body; why would I be comfortable being in an incredibly vulnerable state with a man? Should I have a mamogram done by a man? Don’t think so. Talk about one sex taking the other’s work.

    “Women don’t know what it’s like to have male bodies, either; does that make them any less good at being nurses?”

    Actually many men have expressed discomfort with female medics helping them with private matters, and they too should have a medic of whichever sex they prefer. Good God, did you think I was saying that ONLY women should be doctors and nurses? Please. I do in fact believe we should have more male ones.

    “Or tussled with an OCD-suffering, freejinger-type who reopens months-old dead threads, instead of letting sleeping dogs lie”

    No one asked you to deal with me, and it would be better if people didn’t simply make these all-assuming statements to begin with.

  19. Also, please do not use my last name online; I have not granted that liberty except on the rare occasion I thought there was no other way to sign in.

  20. “I say we only need more male ones; every hospital should have at least one, if not more…”

    At least 20 more than that; I HOPE I did not imply a greater need for female medics than male. I do not intend to be greatly aggressive about this; I’ve always believed women are needed in different fields, but when it comes to medical matters and privacy and dignity, I’m especially serious, for both men and women. Many men do not want a woman working on prostate issues or catheters (which I hear are far more painful to men than women) and there are matters like rape exams and body cleaning that especially need to pay heed to patient comfort and security. Women were midwives long before doctors were a special class. Besides, if we were to go the extreme with ONLY men having any jobs, that would mean among other things only male ballet dancers, only male actors, only male figure skaters. Kind of lopsided.

    Happy Easter everyone.

  21. LMAO A gay man did once try to say that the only reason Jews condemned gay sex was because men wasted precious semen in sodomy. Is that what you’re referring to?

  22. Who cares why Jews condemn gay sex? As long as we Christians do – else we can’t call ourselves orthodox, Bible-believing Christians – I don’t give a fig what other religions do.

  23. I asked because I’m at a loss as to what sodomy and BC have in common. Besides, the aforementioned gay man was arguing why the BIBLE condemned gay sex.

  24. Jen, you’re too obtuse and stupid to understand and I don’t have the patience to explain it to you.

    Here’s an article by a man much smarter than you:

    I find it funny that Protestants not only disobey the Pope, they also disobey their own little popes. Luther, Calvin, and Wesley had some very strong words against contraception but I suppose modern Protestant theologians looked into the “Original Greek” and found out that not only is contraception a-okay, but that the sky is green and the fields are blue.

  25. Wow, petty insults. I guess it is the typical “men waste precious seed when not conquering the egg” crap. Thanks for proving your imbecile childishness once again.

  26. “In his First Epistle to the Corinthians, St. Paul points out that, beyond the validity of the custom of women wearing head coverings in the Divine Service, it is “nature itself ” that teaches that “it is a shame for a man to have long hair, but, for a woman, it is her glory.””

    LOL If it’s not “natural” for men to have long hair, why did so many African and Native American males wear it long? The Masaai men dyed it red to look fierce, and their women shaved their heads. Then to hear that Calvin compared spilling seed to violent abortion. I’ve rarely heard any such insane muck. Now a man’s seed is as precious in and of itself as an unborn child. Protestants don’t HAVE popes, and I’ll be damned if I ever remotely look at Calvin as a man of mostly wisdom. Basically, the belief is just what I thought it would be.

  27. I shouldn’t have used the word imbecile towards you, svar. But with all the abominations in the world, including forced sodomy and REAL violent abortion, I find it a true atrocity to compare a man spilling his seed to the pierced-skull or limbs-ripped-apart slaughter of a little baby. Onan’s crime was disgusting because he mistreated his wife, defiled her body, disrespected his brother’s memory (though it was HIS seed, not his freaking brother’s), and by denying Tamar seed, doomed her to life as a barren woman. People can disagree with contraception, but comparing it to a child, or behaving as though it’s killing some invisible child who doesn’t exist yet, is insulting at best. My opinion of such beliefs, like the ones espoused in that article, remain the same.

  28. Jen, your arguments, like always, are stupid and incoherent. To think that you know more than St. Paul, the man Christ chose as one of His apostles, is the height of arrogance and stupidity and only goes to show that you are not to be taken seriously. The Greeks sodomized little boys, the Romans commited infanticide, and sailors use to commit sodomy and bestiality. Just because some backwards tribe has long hair doesn’t mean St. Paul is right; it means that they’re wrong.

    Aaron D. Wolf is also smarter than you, better at making logical arguments than you, and a theologian to boot.

    Contraception is sodomy. It is against God and no amount of your rationalizations can change that.

  29. You are trying to make something you perceive as sin, which the Bible doesn’t even mention, as being sodomy; it is your arguments that are incoherent and ridiculous. but you follow this nonsense as easily as a child and give the Pope as much power as the apostles, then scold someone else for pointing out the faults of it without even giving an explanation. Apparently my choice of words was correct. Go with the sheep, svar.

  30. But the funny thing is, if the Pope declared tomorrow that his people were wrong for years about a number of things, you’d flip over like a pup, or be forced to part with a big part of your religion. What you seem to forget is that people, including Catholics among each other, have debated Paul’s words and many other passages for ages, so your mockery of anyone who parts with your beliefs is out of place. Catholics in particular have taken liberal interpretation of the Bible, so verbally flaying anyone else who does so, and on a lesser level at that, seems a particular display of pride; even White Knight, whom I know you consider much smarter than me, couldn’t deny your belief system fast enough. You’ve spent too much time away from the actual Bible, heeding men on the Internet and finding no fault in taking their example of sexual mockery and making fun of women who should be considered their sisters in Christ. Luckily you realized the rot behind the attitudes of the people you formerly heeded, and broke apart from them, but you still listen too much to the voices of people. Calling contraception sodomy is a drastically extra-Biblical statement, and neither Calvin nor any other fallible theologian’s words should be taken on equal footing with the Bible’s, yet when your choice of comparison was challenged, you responded with acid instead of any coherent explanation to me, displaying a lack of solid footing at best. You’re going to find many more people as “stupid” as you imagine me to be, svar, and if you treat them all as you did me, you’ll be written off and discarded with remarkable ease. When exploring faith, you need to determine how to serve God, not which set of beliefs allows you to rule best; your reaction to Cane Caldo’s claim that Jews are basically superior shows you didn’t at all like the position of being second, yet you expect countless others to accept such a place permanently (how much you may have changed since then, I don’t know). The truth is, after our fight via email, I felt sorry it happened, but also relieved; I remembered you are a stranger on the Internet, someone I care about in the basic terms of fellow humanity, but don’t take seriously as a valid member of my life or a seasoned brother. I wish you the best, but don’t care to fight or join words in anything else; if I ever do return in the future, it will not be to respond to you.

  31. Oh yes, and one more gem from that article: Martin Luther’s insane labeling of Onan’s action of “contraception” being worse than incest and adultery. Onan’s attempt to deprive his wife of children was disgusting, but to compare the mere act of contraception to incest..good God, these people are some of the most wretchedly moronic folk I’ve ever seen. Now a child can be found in his daddy’s seed AND contraception is as bad as incest; semen lying on the floor is comparable to a dead fetus in the trash, and the act of birth control is more filthy than a father raping his daughter or a girl molesting her brother, which is what incest often manifests itself as. I never expected any semi-rational being to spew such crap. That’s anti-reason, anti-Biblica, and those men are anti-Catholic; quite an interesting pair to pick as reference.

  32. I didn’t read your drivel, but ladies and gentleman, the workings of Miss Corry’s mind. Knows nothing about the Faith but constantly preaches it. Thinks she knows more than the Apostles, the Popes and theologians, and even the schismatic Reformers.

    This is why no one takes you, the leftist troll who doesn’t know it, seriously.

  33. I notice, that the sexes need each other; the more ambitious the women get, the more passive the men get, in everything. OTOH women go to college to get their MRS degree, but when theyre more women in college, its hard to get. I would like it also if more women either learn to sew, or wear skirts below the knee similar to the 80s sundresses when going out, everyone is in denim hiphuggers or hotpants these days

  34. In 100 degree heat, women are in dark colors with miniskirts on; dark colors are better in winter or after 6pm because they hold heat. I know today there are more fabrics you dont have to iron. My husband wears these shirts that button but DONT WRINKLE. Years ago, like 40 years ago, they didnt have these fabrics, so EVERYONE wanted to put on tshirts and jeans, since you dont have to iron either one to get ready to go out

  35. ” why do we need female doctors, teachers, nurses, missionaries? ”

    Because male gynecologists are evil. Pastor Anderson says so:

    “Given that nudity before a person of the opposite gender is a sin, why is it a commonly accepted practice among Baptists and others for a woman to be naked and examined by a male doctor? This most disgusting practice is totally unfounded in God’s word. OB/GYN’s (doctors of pregnancy and women’s health) are considered somehow immune from the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes. If God is so against nudity between members of the opposite gender, why would he allow a man called a doctor to examine a woman’s naked body throughout her pregnancy and up to the birth as if he were somehow immune from sin or God’s laws?

    Throughout the Bible, women who are pregnant or giving birth are attended by “nurses” or “midwives.” Not one time in God’s word is there mention of a woman being examined nude by a man who is a medical professional. God intended women to assist other women with these types of medical issues. Women have been giving birth to children for the last 6,000 years without the aid of male doctors, and yet Christians today seem to think that a woman must expose herself to a male doctor in the name of medicine. This is totally ridiculous and contrary to God’s word.”

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